Today’s #Photograph 5/Jun/21

You’ll find my professional pictures here. You can buy them as digital files, framed prints, canvas wraps, or Giclee art prints. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 5/Jun/21

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  2. Is it the one just below the tree? It would pique my curiosity, but like you, my arthritic knees would protest loudly and my back would follow suit! I love the rocky scenery, I am an Arizonian so what can I say? In the northern part of Az, there are some rocks that remind me of Dinosaur droppings. I know what you are thinking, I am strange. We had some friends that said we were strange and unique. Thanks for posting.

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    1. There’s just the one cave, Brenda, under the tree on the hill, to the right. The other dark areas are either vegetation or shadows.
      Your dinosaur droppings could well be just that. Coprolite, I gather it’s called, and it’s found in areas where dinosaurs roamed 60 million years or so ago, so may well be there for the finding.
      And there’s nothing wrong with being strange and unique. I prefer that to ‘normality’, whatever that might be!

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    1. As I recall, this is on the island of Rhodes, Lynette, which is a very varied environment, with areas of lush vegetation served by underground springs, and rocky areas with little water or life. The Mediterranean heat influences that dryness, too, of course.

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    1. No, Leon. It was almost inaccessible. As a younger man, I’d have made the climb. But with the knees of a runner with too many miles pounded, I no longer tackle such challenges! I spotted the cave as we passed by on flatter ground, and, like you, wondered if there might be anything of interest in there. But I had to resort to my imagination for any answer.

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        1. I once spent about two hours in a very narrow cave in the Yorkshire Dales, Leon. As an author, I try to ‘experience’ strange things when the opportunity arises, as it helps inform my storytelling. On this occasion, I was writing a short story set in the days when we lived in caves, so I though it might help with that. And, as I write this, I suddenly realise I’ve never tried to get that story published! Must have a look at it again.

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