Today’s Picture: 30 Aug 20

Looking down at the village church; so quintessentially English!

A bright start to the day, with cloud slowly populating the sky as the morning progressed. Having been unable to take longish walks recently, we took a circular route around the valley while the weather was good. We revisited some tracks we haven’t used for over four years, discovering changes, and reinforcing memories too easily clouded by absence these days. In the end, our hour and forty minutes took us up a climb of 160 feet and for a distance of three and a half miles before lunch. On that entire route, we met only three other people; one a near neighbour back from a walk with his dog and the other two a mother and son walking their two dogs along one of the wider trails. Otherwise, we were entirely alone; no small feat in a known beauty spot on the Sunday before a Bank Holiday!

For those seeking warmer climes, a shot of a rural track on the Greek island of Samos, taken in September 2016.

I give you a shot of the village church, taken as we descended the valley side, and another taken during a stay on the Greek island of Samos. Enjoy!

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    1. No longer the heart of the village, as we as a nation grow more secular, it’s nevertheless an aspect of English villages that tells a tale of the history of the area.

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