Today’s Pictures: 24 July 20

Aysgill Force on Gayle Beck, near Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Picture taken in July 2018.

If you’re stuck indoors and unable to get out to enjoy nature at present, this series is for you. I’m trying to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty.

Mountains of Samos, Greece. Photo taken in October 2016.

If, on the other hand, you’re lucky enough to be free, maybe you’ll do what you can for those less fortunate, and share this widely, so others can enjoy it? Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 24 July 20

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. It’s accessed via a footpath. But if you’re walking along in one direction, you’d probably completey miss it, as it’s only visible if you stray into the trees, and there’s a precipitous fall into the pool below the fall for the unwary!

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  2. Stuart these are beautiful, what an amazing waterfall. You two are quite the travelers, I am curious if you know if you will still get to go on your vacation this year. If not I certainly hope they are given refunds as no one could have ever predicted this. You two stay safe and take wonderful care of each other. Love Joni

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    1. Thanks, Joni. We came across the waterfall almost by accident, whilst going for a walk when staying with my brother and his wife, who live not far from there. It’s not accessible, other than through the trees above the gorge into which it empties, so it took a while to find an ideal viewpoint!
      Our holiday this year is hopefully in Kos. The travel agent thinks it’ll go ahead, and we’re keeping fingers crossed. If it can’t happen, we’ll get a full refund. We booked it for after our daughter’s wedding, which was supposed to happen this year. Unfortunately, as she and her fiance are in Australia, that’s had to be cancelled.

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      1. That is so much fun when you are on a hike and you come around a corner and see something amazing. I am sorry about your daughters wedding. Everyone has been affected by COVID. I am glad to hear you will get a refund if you two can’t go. I hope you will be able to go thought. You two enjoy your day and your walk. Love to you both. Joni

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        1. Thanks, Joni. Hopefully, Kate will be able to re-arrange her wedding, but she and her fiance have a move coming up, so they can’t make new plans until January next year.
          We’re looking forward to Kos. Lovely to absorb a good dose of Vitamin D under that Mediterranean sun!

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          1. Oh it sounds so truly marvelous. Perhaps I can hide in your wife’s suitcase and visit the sea with a pen and paper. Love you two. I hope your daughter wasn’t too upset. 🤗 hugs my friends 🤗❤️💕💖Joni

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            1. Valerie doesn’t take huge quantities of stuff with her on holiday, but I think the baggage handlers might notice if you were in there, Joni! I’ll just have to take lots of photos and post them for you to inspire your poetry instead, eh?

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              1. I will look forward to seeing those beautiful pictures my dear friend. I bet you two have a blast together. Tell Valerie good for her for packing light I have never been able to do that but I really admire women who can. Hugs and love to you both. 🤗❤️💕 Joni

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