Today’s Pictures: 23 July 20

Spotlight in the pines of the Forest of Dean.

Perhaps you are stuck indoors and unable to get out to enjoy nature at present. If so, this series is for you. I’m trying to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty.

Small boat on a wide sea. Taken at Lyme Regis, Dorset, in June 2018.

And, if you are lucky enough to be free, maybe you’ll do what you can for those less fortunate, and share this widely, so others can enjoy it? Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 23 July 20

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  2. I’m a sailor, too – learned on a small sailboat that would tump over if you weren’t careful and we sailed like banshees. So a good thing I like to swim in cold water!
    You just stood on the centerboard and pulled her upright.

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    1. There’s a great challenge in sailing, isn’t there, Noelle? I was fortunate enough to know a couple who had a 27 foot yacht moored on an island when I lived in Essex. I went sailing with them a few times. Being at the helm, guiding the boat through the waves with the wind in the sales was a real adventure. Before that, my only experience of boating was either hire boats to row in boating lakes in parks, or a rowing trip I made down a local river.
      As you say, good thing you enjoy swimming in cold water. Usually too cold for me, though!


      1. I started with a ten foot boat, graduated to crew a Columbia 50 footer, then captained a 6 meter boat (half size to an America’s cup monohull) which was wide open and built for speed!

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