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Are You #Game?

My amazing publisher, Dan Grubb, of Fantastic Books Publishing, does more than publish my own and other authors’ books. He has designed a new board game, The Gorgon’s Loch, to be distributed by Fantastic Books Gaming. It’s aimed at families and all who love board games, and is playable by 1-5 people.

Such games are expensive to get off the ground and Dan has a Kickstarter, live until March 31st for all who want to be in at the beginning of this exciting new venture. There are some really great incitements to invest!

Dan’s idea is to draw people, especially the kids, away from constant use of the screen to play games, allowing for more personal interaction and face to face play (once Covid-19 is out of the way, of course!).

The Gorgon’s Loch is a challenging board game where the aim is to defeat the Gorgon Queen and free your soul from her evil clutches. You do this by completing a series of progressively harder challenges set across six different dungeon maps.

I won’t try to detail how the game is played, but here’s a link to the ‘Rules’, for a very clear overview of how to play. Dan describes the new game as a stepping-stone between Snakes and Ladders and, say, Dungeons & Dragons.

In the Gorgon’s Loch, players are not set up to play against each other, although they can choose to do so. Interestingly, the play-test stats show that cooperative groups, those who work their strategy out as a group, get through more often than those where players go off on their own.

Games take between 90 to 120 minutes to play and involve challenging various monsters.

There’s a FaceBook page for those who like to be involved that way, here.

Dan has also produced a few videos on YouTube, which you can reach through this link.

Here are some quotes from folks who’ve played the game and are supporting the Kickstarter:

‘Reminded me of Heroquest, but this is better’

‘Gateway games are needed and I think this one is a belter’

‘Perfect for getting my boy into board games, thank you for creating it, it’s what the industry needs’

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