I Will Laugh. A #Poem

Here’s another poem for you. And a quick sketch to go with it.

Something to confirm my intentions to be positive this year.

I Will Laugh

If I seek enjoyment in this world of misery
am I then pretending blindness to the facts
or do I defend myself against those negatives
combining to defeat our natural wants and needs
So much anger prejudice injustice
must by their insistent presence
suck the pleasure from our everyday
leave us floundering exhausted
good for nothing lost defeated
I will no more of it
I will have my joy delight and pleasures
build a world of light and laughter
live a life of love inclusion hope
and in the living will defeat
their self-interest and greed
I will laugh at leaders chasing power
laugh at their supporters
who lick arses they should kick
make fools of those who see the hand
of their specific god in all around them
(what sort of god is that anyway)
ridicule the ignorant who blame
those who dare their difference
laugh at the deniers heads in sand
make jokes of money addicts frantic
for their fix of yet another pound or dollar
For the truth is that without the
laughter I will either die inside
or worse become another one of them
create nothing for the world
and take everything I can  

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2 thoughts on “I Will Laugh. A #Poem

  1. I really admire this poem Stuart. The title itself is great ” I will laugh “. Set against the falseness and injustices you state the positive things you want.
    ” For the truth is that without the
    laughter I will either die inside
    or worse, become another one of them ”


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