Generation Mars: Video Trailer.

This brilliant trailer was produced by Ramon Marrett for Adiq, via my fabulous publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing. Enjoy.


As Earth plunges into total climate chaos, will new bases on Mars rescue humanity from extinction when religious extremists threaten to destroy them?


Who will win on Mars when violence overcomes diplomacy to let envy and self-interest pit peaceful scientists against corrupt profiteers?


Artificial Intelligence faithfully served the community on Mars for centuries but when it becomes vastly superior to its masters will it still obey them?

Or, buy all three through the publisher, here.

12 thoughts on “Generation Mars: Video Trailer.

  1. This video makes me want re-read the first two books and give you a decent review you can use. Now if you can send me ( said he praying) an ebook copy of the third book I’d be a happy camper. Plus I agree with Kathy – the text size made it hard to read the text in the video but I did notice one other thing. The colour of text tended to blend with the background. Otherwise a great video and Kudos to Ramon Marrett.

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    1. Hi Tom, I agree regarding the details of the video. I had to view it twice to get all the words. But it was an unsolicited gift, so I’m not complaining!
      Re the digital copy, if you send me an email via the contact tab on here, and specify the format (.Mobi, Epub, or PDF) I’ll get one off to you. BTW, thanks for making this request; I have digital files of all my books from my publisher, but I noticed I don’t have Return to Dust, so I’ve asked him for copies now.


    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’m very pleased with this unrequested video that came entirely out of the blue for me! I agree the text could be bigger and easier to read for some of us, but a great job even so.


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