Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making


Sometimes, life throws up incidents and events that cause a touch of disruption to intentions. The last couple of weeks have been full of such things; some tiny irritations, others a little more challenging.

I returned from my holiday overseas, which coincided with my annual absence from all things digital, with a painful and slightly frustrating eye problem that left me unable to spend the usual hours in front of the screen. The investigation into that continues, as does the physical irritation. But, on Sunday evening, as I was preparing another book review, my otherwise trusty iMac decided to throw a wobbly. At first, I assumed it was just one of those things that technology occasionally fires at us. But attempts to get the system to cooperate gradually proved it was something more important.

Monday saw me attempting to ‘fix’ the problem, with no success, in spite of several different methods of attack. Tuesday, I consulted the help forums via my wife’s Windows 10 laptop (which I’m using for this post). I discovered a potential solution to what appeared to be the problem and went into action. After several abortive attempts, I was left with a Mac that refused point blank to progress beyond the initial log-in screen.

Time to call the experts. I found a local one (we’re a bit rural here, so the most promising ‘local’ turned out to be 25 miles away!) and sent an email. Today, Wednesday, we travelled to said local techie and left him with the Mac and the external hard drive I use to back-up my files. A complete diagnosis is needed and I should learn the fate of my machine in a couple of days.

Since all my files, and the applicable software (Scrivener) reside on my Mac, I can’t begin the work I’d intended on Monday. Three days of frustration with little to show.

So, this post is just by way of a notice that the new book is in limbo, and will remain so until I have the means to continue. Irritating, frustrating, and annoying; but, in the general scheme of things, hardly a cause for major tantrums. Let’s face it, there are some pretty horrible things going on in the world, and an unserviceable computer is hardly in the same rank as those.

I’ll keep you informed of progress, using this unfamiliar method, and let you know when things are on the move again.


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