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Dreaming of Steam, An Anthology from Fantastic Books Publishing, Reviewed.

Dreaming of steam

Subtitled, ‘23 tales of Wolds and rails’, this book of shorts contains a veritable trainload of charming stories. There are histories, romances, memoirs, ghosts, crime, and even some science fiction and fantasy displayed in this box of delights.

Although each story has a different author, there’s unity of approach and style that makes the volume a cohesive whole.

The reader is treated to dark tales, light tales, and mysteries. Many encapsulate the beauties of an area of England I know well; my birthplace, East Yorkshire. More specifically the Yorkshire Wolds, an area of natural beauty less well known than it deserves. Those rolling hills and hidden vales have a friendly face, a welcoming aura.

The railway features strongly here, since this book was compiled as the result of the cooperation of the Yorkshire Wolds Railway and a local publisher, who devised a contest for short stories. The winners, along with invited stories from established authors, and some of the short-listed entries appear here.

All the tales are well written, engaging, and have a certain charm about them. There are stories set around the inception of the railway that inspired this collection. Stories set during the two world wars, contemporary tales, and even futuristic takes on the theme.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the Yorkshire Wolds, read this and you’ll want to go. If you’re a railway enthusiast, this book is definitely for you. And if you’re a general reader, you’ll find much here to delight and entertain.

A lovely book that’s a joy to read.

Available from major retailers, or direct from the publisher here.

4 Responses to “Dreaming of Steam, An Anthology from Fantastic Books Publishing, Reviewed.”

  1. stuartaken

    Had a quick look at the story, fictionspawn. Busy editing a scifi novel at present, but if you let me have your email address, I’ll give you my thoughts privately. You can find me at stuartaken(at)stuartaken(dot)net, or go via the ‘Contact’ page on the website.


  2. fictionspawn

    Strange coincidenses… I’m just finishing story about a ghost train, of the same type as the one on the cover. Sounds like a very interesting book, too bad I’m publishing my story today. There would probably be a whole lot of inspiration. I’ll have to do with your review, which has given me an extra little boost anyway;) Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • stuartaken

      Always happy to help another writer: we’ve got to support each other, eh?
      There’s an odd romance about steam trains; I can never decide whether it’s the engineering, with its visible energy to movement component, or nostalgia from my childhood experiences.
      I’ll have to look out for your story, perhaps later today on your website?

      Liked by 1 person

      • fictionspawn

        We sure do:) There is something about them, isn’t there. My story should be out in about three hours. Please let me know what you think;) And thank you for sharing, highly appreciated.

        Liked by 1 person


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