Author Interview – Stuart Aken, sci-fi and romance writer extraordinaire!

A fantastic opportunity provided by Caron Allan on her website. My thanks to Caron for this chance to tell more readers and writers about my writing.

Caron Allan Fiction

I am so thrilled to welcome Stuart Aken this week who has very kindly agreed to talk about his highly acclaimed and varied work. I’m going to jump straight in because as you will see, Stuart’s got a lot to tell and I didn’t want to cut any of it!

newstu1000Q1. What kind of books do you write?

It’s tempting to answer this facetiously with ‘Great!’ but I’ll be a little more considered.

My dislike of the cubby-holing and restrictions of genre has persuaded me to ignore it as a guide to my writing. My books tell stories first and foremost. I’m interested in the human condition, justice/injustice, the abuse of Big Business, and the environment, but I’m also fascinated by our capacity as a species to produce wonderful objects, design complex and intriguing theories to explain our world, to love, to hate, to kill and to create. So, I…

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