Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Zumba Crater on Mars, courtesy Kevin Gill on flickr. Creative Commons.

The new book progresses well, now standing at 53,185, which is an additional 12,594 words since the last post here. As often happens when pantster writing, I was suddenly taken on a diversion by a couple of characters the day before yesterday. The developing plot has taken a slightly unexpected turn, but the story is much improved as a result. It’ll mean a delicate rewrite of a couple of earlier chapters, but the resulting tension and character development will make that well worth the time involved when I reach the editing stage. So, all continues in the right direction. I’ll continue to keep you informed of progress.

Make sure you read Blood Red Dust so you’re primed for this follow-up book, set some distance further into the future, when it appears.

When you’ve read it, please consider penning a few words of review to post to the publisher’s site, Goodreads, and Amazon: it gives the books exposure and informs new readers.

My thanks to those who’ve already done this. I really appreciate your efforts.

3 thoughts on “Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

    1. Certainly is! The positive side of pantsing. I was a little out of sorts yesterday (back playing up again) and I thought my imagination might be influenced by unwanted pain, so I spent the time performing some much needed maintenance on my Mac instead. Then, last night, under the influence of Ibruprofen gel and a reasonable single glass of red wine, I was again visited by the muse who provided me with the next, even better instalment in the current work. On with the tale today!


      1. Sorry to hear about your back, Stuart. Hubs has the same problem – he gets his back injected every three months, but there are times when it still bothers him. Glad you’re back at it!

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