Submit, Publish, Repeat, by Emily Harstone, Reviewed.


This little eBook is worth its modest price for the links alone. It’s a basic journal setting out the process, pitfalls, opportunities and rewards relating to writing for literary journals. With chapters on Why You Should Submit…, How To Know When Your Work is Ready…, Basics of Submitting, and many others, it provides useful information and tips for all writers considering this outlet for their talents. Whether you’re an experienced, published author, or just starting out, there’s something here for you. Established freelancers will, however, know most of this stuff.

The author gives sound reasons for submitting to the many literary journals in both digital and print forms, explaining how to approach and manage such submissions. There’s advice on how to keep track of the work, whether to send pieces to one outlet or to a number at the same time, how to approach editors and how to select the magazines most likely to accept your work.

I’ve submitted to magazines in the past, and had work published there. But my information is way out of date and I’d already decided this year I’d consider such activity again, so this book came along at the right time.

It’s a very easy read, with the information set out sensibly and in just enough detail. The many links lead to very useful sites either for further reading, or for information on submission to specific magazines, or for sites that provide facilities to both search for and manage your short works.

I have the book installed as a .PDF on my Mac, so I can quickly consult it at need. If I fulfil my intentions to pursue this practice, I expect to make a good deal of use of the book. A very worthwhile investment in time and a tiny investment in cash terms.

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