Blood Red Dust to Launch 19 November at Fantasticon 2016!


Launched at the brilliant Fantasticon 2016 in Hull on Saturday 19/Sunday 20 November is my latest science fiction novel, Blood Red Dust. (Tickets here) If you can make it to Hull and pop in, I’d be delighted to sign a copy for you. If you can’t be there, you can still obtain a copy in either digital or print form by clicking this link.

Meantime, here’s a brief comment from someone who’s already read the book and made mention on Goodreads. It’s great for a writer when a reader has enjoyed the work and makes it known!

Blood Red Dust (Generation Mars Book 1)
by Stuart Aken (Goodreads Author), Gabi Grubb (Illustrator)

message 1: by Glen – rated it 4 stars

Just finished reading cover to cover this impressively written science fiction novel which may be described as a veritable ‘Idea Thunderdome’ pulsating with intricately woven and described futuristic worlds, ideologies and characters. A red-hot keeper that will thrill and intrigue you with one hand in a hundred ways even if you’ve read similar distant-planet-colonisation epics before.

Full review to follow (soon).


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