Progress on the WIP

Research via printed pages as well as online.

Another week has passed and I’ve been prodding those keys with vigour. The WIP is now up to 45783, with 4865 of those words new to the story. Several developments are emerging following my research, and the story is twisting and turning with a life of its own.

This is the first rewrite, so there are the usual changes to the plot to be made, alterations to direction and route to be accommodated. The destination remains the same, however. And the characters, although slightly increased in number, continue to take their appropriate directions, until, of course, a few of them rebel and insist on moving in the way they see fit. As I see myself more of a director than a dictator here, I allow the cast some leeway, just as long as they don’t go off on a jolly merely to suit their own particular predilections.

So, the work, which is, in essence, a good deal of fun, continues.

There have been breaks this week to take account of the odd days of clement weather in which the garden has commanded my attention (plants will grow regardless of my plans!). We’ve also had our usual walks in the trees, though none as long as we would like, since rain has generally threatened if not actually manifested. And a couple of visits from the central heating engineer have been a diversion. Still, the radiator valves now actually respond to the ambient temperature and the boiler will work efficiently for the next twelve months.

Today is the traditional football festival that’s de rigour in England: The FA Cup. It kicks off in a short while, so I’ll be camped in front of the idiots’ lantern for a while. But at least I’ll have a drop of the red to keep me going through the experience.

I’ll try to give another update around the same time next week. But no promises: lifestyle prevents strict planning!

10 thoughts on “Progress on the WIP

    1. Not just fun for me, DM, but an essential part of the process. As I’m a pantster, I never plot, and I write off the top of my head working to a very loose framework. So, rewriting is the most important part of my editing process. Fortunately, it’s also something i really enjoy, too!


  1. Ah, fantasy, eh? I enjoy the editing as much as the creation: seeking, and finding, the ‘right’ word or phrase always engages me. Which is just as well, since my fantasy trilogy runs to over 600k words!
    Good luck with the books, Marje.
    Now, on with some more work on the WIP.


    1. It’s a long journey, but the destination makes it worth it. And, to be honest, I enjoy the process, so it’s not really work at all. I’m writing a science fiction novel at present. What about you, Marje?

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