Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science fiction Writers, by James Hutchings, Reviewed.

ideas and inspiration

This resource is remarkably extensive and varied. There are articles on strange human behaviours, odd customs and traditions, peculiar animal behaviour, secret societies and events, curses, unusual illnesses, myths, fakes, religious peculiarities, odd individuals and many other topics.

This isn’t a book to sit and read, but a research and inspiration tool to use for those times when you have the urge to write something unusual or speculative but the ideas escape you. Here you’ll find ideas to stimulate and inform, those oddities that can form a platform from which the writer can dive into the world of the impossible, improbable, eclectic and strange.

It’s a veritable compendium of stimulants for the brain, a lever for the imagination, a cave of treasures for the storyteller in search of inventiveness.

If you write either fantasy or science fiction, you’ll come across ideas and events here to help you make your stories more interesting, intriguing, adventurous and yet strangely plausible. It’s a work to enjoy and keep at hand for those moments when the imagination lags and the ideas begin to dry up. Definitely worth the tiny sum I paid for it.