Writing Contests and First Names, 2 Free Listings.


Here’s the weekly post to alert users of updates to the Writing Contests Table on my Writer Resources page. This one has been quite extensive, so have a look and get your entries in. Think of all that cash from your writing, not to mention the kudos of adding, ‘Winner of such and such a contest’ to your bio! As a matter of interest, the table currently holds free-to-enter contests with 1st place prizes that total £33,494, $47,983, €44,426. So you don’t even have to risk an entry fee!

On an entirely different note, if you scroll down the page a little further, you’ll discover a new document for your use and entertainment. This is an alphabetical list of first names. There are over 10,000 in the PDF and they’re split into male and female names by colour. I’ve also identified, where possible, the originating nations of these names. So, if you have trouble finding character names, or you’re looking for a different name for that new-born, look no further!

Simply click on the link to access the page. Enjoy!

And a brief notice to let you know I am beginning a programme of additions to the page so that it becomes more of a resource for readers and writers. If you sign up to follow by email, by using the simple form at top left, you’ll never miss an update.

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